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Basic Information Jasmine Anne Vanderbelt, 36, is a fashion designer of Buzz Fashion. The daughter of Maria Vanderbelt of the reknown fashion house House of Vanderbelt, Jasmine learned at a young age just how much she loved and adored fashion. Her father is also renown science fiction film director Vernon Vanderbelt, and Jasmine has done the costume designs for the last four films that Vernon has worked on. She currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

Biography Jasmine was born in February 1979 in Los Angeles, California to Maria and Vernon Vanderbelt, a fashion designer and film director respectively. Both parents were loving and hands on with their only daughter, making sure they could give their daughter the best of whatever world she decided to go into. Jasmine (or lovingly called Jazz by her friends and family) grew to love the careers that both her mother and father had, though she soon decided that she'd go for fashion over the mainstay of the entertainment industry.

Jasmine was always a girl who took pride in her studies, and because of this, graduated from high school at the top of her class, and was given the chance to have a full scholarship to any school that she wished to go to. Jasmine ended up going to Parsons School of Design, getting her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Fashion Design, and immediately went back in to get her Masters of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and Society, also from Parsons. But after spending eight years in New York, Jasmine was ready to head home to Los Angeles, and earn her place as a fashion designer at House of Vanderbelt, working alongside her mother.

When she returned to Los Angeles, Jasmine was determined to earn a job, rather than just be given one, and made sure she did all the hard work that all new hires at House of Vanderbelt did. Jasmine got a job on her own accord, and because of that, was happier to work with her mother. She had earned her spot in the company, and she was never going to forget that. Jasmine worked hard up the ranks and showed potential, and soon she was given a chance to have her own collection within the company - her own personal design style was similar to her mothers; outrageous and willing to take risks, but she wanted to put her own flair to it as well. The popularity of her collection caused Maria Vanderbelt to encourage her daughter to start her own line, which Jasmine soon did.

Jasmine didn't spend all her time working on House of Vanderbelt though. Her father requested her help when one of the costume designers of his latest film had to back out at the last minute, and soon Jasmine was working on a major Hollywood film. The rush of doing that proved to Jasmine that she really had gone in the right direction with her career: she was respected by her peers and she was also respected by her parents because of the hard work that she was putting into her own career. It was a great affirming life moment for her, one that Jasmine still holds dear -- and because of the great experience she had working with her father, she has since gone to help him with costumes on four of his films.

In 2008, Jasmine moved to Boston, Massachusetts, missing the east coast more than she expected, but wanted something slightly different from her past life in New York. She has been living in Boston ever since, with her corgi Tiny.

Professional Life In 2006, Jasmine Vanderbelt stopped working on her mother's House of Vanderbelt fashion line and decided to start working on her own. She soon created Buzz Fashion, keeping it in Los Angeles, California at its inception.

Buzz Fashion (usually shorted to "Buzz") is a fashion house created by Jasmine Vanderbelt, daughter of designer Maria Vanderbelt of House of Vanderbelt. Jasmine does take a bit after her mother, enjoying to employ the strange, creative, and excitable colors and designs into her own fashion line.

At the moment, Buzz Fashion hosts three collections: an accessories collection, Rockabilly Style collection focusing on 50s and 60s style clothing, and Geek Chic collection, focusing on pop culture and other popular medias in the world today.

Originally based out of Los Angeles, California, Jasmine moved Buzz Fashion to Boston, Massachusetts in 2008, and has been based out of Boston ever since.

Personal Life In 2003 in Los Angeles, California, Jasmine Vanderbelt met scientist Henry Price, and ended up falling in love with him. After a short courtship, Jasmine and Henry married in a small ceremony outside of Malibu, California. Soon, though, their relationship went south. It turned out that Henry lied to Jasmine about himself, and it soon was revealed that he married Jasmine for her money. Once Jasmine found out, she was devastated and went to confront Henry. This caused a large fight between the two of them, and it came to a boiling point when Henry ended up striking her. Even though he immediately apologized after and seemed to be remorseful, Jasmine kicked him out of the house and filed for divorce later that week. By the time it was around their two year wedding anniversary, their divorce was finalized in 2005.

Following her divorce from Henry, Jasmine focused more on her career, family, and friends, and decided against long term relationships - though she did date here and there, there was nothing serious that stayed for long. Jasmine moved to Boston in 2008, to further herself from the memories of Los Angeles, and has been happier since the move.
facts ONE Jasmine is the daughter of fashion designer Maria Vanderbelt of the reknown fashion line House of Vanderbelt. It is her mothers's interest in fashion that caused Jasmine to go into fashion herself. two Jasmine's father is film director Vernon Vanderbelt. He is well known for his science fiction films, and beloved by many. three In 2003, Jasmine met and married a man named Henry Price. The two fell fast in love, and Henry seemed to love Jasmine for more than her money; unfortunately this wasn't true. The relationship turned sour after the two married in 2004, and Henry turned abuseive towards Jasmine. She divorced him in 2005, and hasn't had any plans to remarry since. four Created the fashion line Buzz Fashion in 2006. She focuses on collections that she would personally wear: strange and bizzare rings, rockabilly dresses, and casual clothing for those who want to wear their geek colors proudly. The last line is her most well known one, and most popular. five Thanks to her father, she is a lover of all science fiction, fantasy, comic books, you name it. She's a bit of a self professed comic nerd, and doesn't exactly care who knows.
the wasp Basic Information Janet Van Dyne is the daughter of world-renowned scientist, the late Vernon Van Dyne. In her early years she was a beautiful but flighty and self-centered dilettante, living resplendently off of her father's fortune. She had an on-and-off romantic relationship with the world-renowned soldier-of-fortune named Paladin. Tragedy struck when a deadly alien called a Kosmosian was brought to Earth as a result of one of her father's experiments, and the elder Van Dyne was murdered by the alien.

A grieving Janet then contacted her father's colleague, Dr. Henry Pym. She told Pym of her resolve to bring her father's killer to justice. Pym, who was attracted to Janet and anxious to help, revealed his secret identity as Ant-Man and offered to give her similar powers. Janet underwent an advanced biochemical process involving his Pym Particles that allowed her to shrink to insect-sized proportions and to grow translucent insect wings. Furthermore, Pym outfitted her with personalized wrist devices which allowed her to discharge bio-electric energy blasts which she called her "wasp stings." Designing a colorful costume for herself (the first of many), Janet Van Dyne became the superheroine known as the Wasp.